Romain Masson

the artist


Self-taught artist since 1984, Romain Masson lives and works in the wild mountains of the Alps where he draws his inspiration: "You've no doubt fallen asleep in front of a wildlife documentary... lulled by a voice-over and the soft gait of a feline, by the undulation of a school of fish and by the glowing tones of a savannah in the many sounds and images that lead to drowsiness then to sleep and finally to dreams inhabited by creatures where wild beasts and the tumults of a modern and ultra-urban everyday life join. you fall into this torpor, a maniac bends over you and lifts your skull cap to dip his brushes there and draw from this paradoxical broth the raw material of his canvases. Then the sky will be peopled with foam, the abyss will dress with cumulus and everywhere, the animals will take over the place and take over the place that is theirs...this is the journey to which Romain Masson invites you. You are no longer dreaming, he takes care of it for you."

Crypto Diver 1.0

Crypto Diver 1.0
Acrylique sur toile, numérisée.

Voyage imprudent aux portes du surréalisme, entre vide spatial et profondeurs abyssales. L'œuvre fait référence à des créations marquantes de la culture contemporaine comme 2001, L’Odyssée de l’Espace de S.Kubrick (1968), ou Le Petit Prince, A.St-Exupéry (1943). Cette oeuvre se compose d'une toile physique et d'un NFT.